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Scientific Advisory Board


Scientific Advisory Board Dr. Rubenstein is an internationally-prominent endocrinologist recognized for clinical expertise and groundbreaking research in diabetes. Well-known for his inspired teaching, Dr. Rubenstein has served in numerous professional leadership positions during his career. These include President of the Association of Professors of Medicine; President of the Association of American Physicians; President of [...]

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Board of Directors


Board of Directors Mr. Honigman is the managing member of Laurel Biotech, which invests in the biopharmaceutical Industry, and is an investor and manager of the Honigman family enterprises. Mr. Honigman has over 20 years of experience in investment, real estate development and health care fields.  Dr. Rubenstein is an internationally-prominent endocrinologist recognized for [...]

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Executive Team


Executive Team For over 30 years, Patrick O’Keefe has been active as a financial consultant and turnaround advisor to under-performing businesses. He is an advisor to financial institutions and business owners in complex workouts and asset recovery strategies. Patrick O’Keefe is also the Founder and CEO of O’Keefe, a business consulting firm, and the [...]

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